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My plastination work in print media and TV
◊ Bayerisches Fernsehen

◊ ServusTV
◊ EtsyTV
◊ Sueddeutsche Zeitung - Wissen
◊ Die Pferderegion
◊ Hallertauer Zeitung
◊ Bayernkurier
◊ Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung

Conference speeches and oral presentations
◊ Keynote address at Plastination conference in Toledo, USA 2011
◊ American Association of Veterinary Anatomists 2011
◊ International Conference on Plastination
◊ Interim ISP meetings on Plastination
◊ EAAV and ECAMS conference
◊ Presentations and posters in various conferencs and meetings

Scientific Projects
◊ Universitites and Veterinary Faculties worldwide

Exhibitions and Events
◊ Nature museums worldwide

Individual preparations for marketing purposes
◊ Pharmaceutical companies, etc.

Demonstration aids and research specimens
◊ Universities, schools, nature museums,veterinary clinics, surgeons and farriers

Please contact me for specific references.

Turtle´s hip plastinate  

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