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No matter which project or anatomical query it may concern. For your detailed consultation and the optimal implementation of your project our knowledge and extensive experience, as well as an international network of anatomical institutes and specialists stand at your disposal.

Detailed background information about plastination techniques are available in the AHE Special Issue about Plastination. Find examples of specimens done with various techniques > here.

Your plastinate is a lasting and valuable acquisition. Under certain circumstances the value of a plastinate can increase several fold above the preparation costs within a few years. With our service offers we want to support the longevity and recoverability of your plastinate.

A number of the services we offer are:
◊ Sheet-plastinate polishing with Acrylic Protection Layer (APL)
◊ Re-embedding of Sheet-plastinates into APL
◊ Construction of stands and illumination for plastinates
◊ Glass display cabinets/show cases for preparations
◊ Repairs

Care instructions
Plastinates are individual natural preparations. Handling needs to be adapted to the various properties of the plastinate. Please direct any questions to HC Biovision.

Protect your Sheet Plastinate against damaging influences, e.g.
◊ Objects or surfaces that might scratch APL
◊ Knocks or blows, or even falling over, that could e.g. lead to a damaging or    detachment of APL
◊ Avoid extreme temperatures

Allow HC Biovision to re-embed your Sheet Plastinate, should e.g. damage during a fall or complete detachment of APL occur.

The resin restores the clarity and transparency of the plastinate
Epoxy clarifying embedding