Ethics and philosophy in plastination

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In all our projects and especially in the production of teaching preparations our companies philosophy stands in the forefront.
Ethics-Aesthetics- Didactics

1. Ethics: Exclusively harmless animal material is used in the production of preparations at HC Biovision. Origin and condition are controlled and comply with our own, as well as strict legal requirements. Human preparations are only made in line with scientific projects and in cooperation with human medical institutes.

2. Aesthetics: Without deviating from realistic presentation, preparations are created optically appealing. The consistently positive impression an anatomical presentation communicate, embeds itself into the long term memory of the observer and is linked to learned knowledge.

3. Didactics: In an increasing virtual and unreliable world of information, only what is truly comprehended and recognized convinces far more. The plastinate should be taken into the hand and sensed in its entirety – from the general overview to its finest microscopic detail.

Prerequisites consequently are:
◊ Manageability
◊ Stability

◊ Meaningful subject matter
◊ Appealing optics